Litigation Lawyer

Litigation LawyerIf you’re dealing with a tax issue, it may be time to speak to a litigation lawyer in Hanover, MD. Tax law can involve many complexities, so it’s not advisable to handle this type of matter on your own. Here are a few signs that you may need to hire a lawyer.

The IRS Has Decided to Audit You

The IRS may decide to audit individuals for several different reasons, from deducting too many business expenses to not reporting all sources of income. If you’ve received a letter from the IRS about an audit, you may feel stressed and overwhelmed. In this situation, it’s a wise idea to hire a tax lawyer. He or she will investigate the audit and help you prepare the appropriate paperwork and records. The sooner you deal with an audit, the less complicated things will become.

You Owe Back Taxes

The IRS takes tax evasion very seriously. Even if it was just by mistake, not paying all of your taxes may land you in a difficult situation. The idea of paying all of these back taxes may seem impossible. The best thing you can do is seek the advice of a tax attorney. He or she can help you work out a manageable repayment plan with the IRS. If you can prove that paying back taxes would cause you economic hardship, your tax bill may get reduced.

You Plan to Leave Someone a Sizeable Inheritance

If you want to leave a substantial inheritance to your children or other relatives, it’s in your best interest to consult a Hanover, MD litigation lawyer. The IRS is always changing the rules about leaving assets to heirs. An experienced lawyer will be well aware of the current laws and can give you sound advice. He or she can make sure that you’re taking all the proper steps and not making costly mistakes.

You’re Facing Criminal Charges

The IRS may pursue criminal charges for individuals who willfully commit tax evasion by not filing tax returns or hiding taxable income. This is a serious situation and not one that you should handle by yourself. It’s important to seek the advice of a tax lawyer to reduce your penalties.

If you’re facing a tax problem, schedule a meeting with a litigation lawyer in Hanover, MD as soon as possible. At Crepeau Mourges, we understand how stressful it is to deal with a tax issue and want to help you get through it.