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Tax Lawyer Ponte Vedra Beach, FL - Office paperwork real estate concept at working table desk.If you need assistance with a tax issue, you may want to get in touch with a tax lawyer Ponte Vedra Beach, FL residents trust from Crepeau Mourges. Tax matters can be complex, and you want someone knowledgeable and experienced on your side. A tax lawyer can help you with various tax issues and give you peace of mind.

Common Myths About Tax Audits

Getting audited by the IRS is one of the biggest fears among Americans. However, these audits are still widely misunderstood. Here are some of the most common myths about tax audits.

  • IRS agents will come to your door. Many people worry that IRS agents will come knocking at their door regarding an audit. However, these agents will very rarely come to your door. If the IRS wants to audit you, they will most likely send you a letter through the mail.
  • Filing your taxes late will trigger an audit. Sometimes people need more time to file their taxes, so they request an extension. Fortunately, this does not trigger an audit like many seem to think. In fact, it can reduce your chances of getting audited by the IRS because you have more time to thoroughly prepare your tax return.
  • Only the very wealthy get audited. It’s true the wealthier individuals have a higher chance of getting audited by the IRS than those who earn less. However, as a Ponte Vedra Beach tax lawyer can attest, that does not mean that people with more modest incomes can’t get audited too. For example, people who underreport income or make math errors can get audited.
  • If you get audited, you must pay up. Just because the IRS has audited you, does not necessarily mean that you have to pull out your checkbook. If you believe that the IRS made a mistake, you can file an appeal. 
  • If you receive an audit letter, you can respond whenever. A mistake some people make after receiving an audit letter from the IRS is taking too long to respond. Remember that these letters have deadlines. If you miss the IRS deadline in your letter, you may give up your rights to dispute anything.

If you have additional questions about your audit, schedule a consultation with a Ponte Vedra Beach tax lawyer from Crepeau Mourges as soon as possible.