Tax Fraud Lawyer in Baltimore, MD

Tax Fraud Lawyer Baltimore, MDIf you are facing serious problems with your taxes, when you need a tax fraud lawyer Baltimore, MD residents trust from Crepeau Mourges. Did you have issues with reporting your taxes? Or have you found out that you are under investigation for fraud? Have you been accused of a serious tax offense on a criminal level? If so, then it’s time to get a lawyer now. If this situation applies to you, here are just a few things that you must know at this time:

Tax Fraud Overview
Tax fraud happens when a person or business purposefully and unlawfully does not pay taxes. The government can take action against an individual or company either on the civil or criminal level. Federal prosecutors have been increasingly pursuing charges against people who they think have committed tax fraud. In some situations, the government may charge the person on a criminal level and then that person’s business in civil court for the same conduct. 

A Baltimore, MD tax fraud lawyer urges you to not let the situation get out of control. The sooner you get assistance from a reputable lawyer, the better your chances are of building a strong case. We understand that learning you are under scrutiny by the federal government for taxes can be terrifying. The only way to really get this under control is by recruiting a seasoned legal team to protect you.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
This executive agency is part of the Department of Treasury, and not only processes tax returns but investigates people who may have committed a tax crime. It isn’t uncommon for the government to charge people with a tax crime in addition to conspiracy, where it is argued that the defendant agreed with another person to commit the crime. The IRS sends thousands of agents to detect and hold accountable those who have committed tax related offenses.

However, not every person who they suspect has engaged in tax fraud is actually guilty. With that being said, it is also important to know that your lawyer is not here to decide whether you are guilty or not. It is our job to protect you and make sure that you are being treated fairly in the due process of law. In order to fully understand your situation and what it at-stake, you must be transparent with the details of your supposed offense. 

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The team at our law firm is ready and available to discuss your case with you. Please do not let the situation escalate before you get legal help. If the government has a criminal case against you, this is a very serious accusation that needs seasoned representation. Call a tax fraud lawyer in Baltimore, Maryland at Crepeau Mourges now for immediate legal guidance.